Better heat detection with less effort – relaunching The Tailpainter - PRESS RELEASE March 19th 2020

The Tailpainter was originally launched in the Irish market in 2019, it is part of the product portfolio owned by Agrify Solutions Ltd. The company was founded by farmer and AI technician Liam O’Keeffe, together with Phil Miesle and Ger O’Keeffe to develop products that address everyday farming challenges including heat detection. Effective heat detection is a critical part of farming and been shown to be a key modulator of farm profitability as well as being a requisite for both improved milk, while also being a necessity in the management of carbon footprint of a herd of cows. Best practice in herd management would suggest that the most efficient practice for a dairy herd would be to get all cows in calf on 1st attempt and within a 6-week time period. Liam O’Keeffe says “tail painting has been around a long time but challenges include difficult, dangerous and time consuming application, resulting in many farmers not benefiting fully from tail paint as a method of heat detection.”  For heat detection to be successful, the tail paint needs to be applied correctly with regular visual assessment and topped up as needed. “When a farmer misses detection of a heat it can cost an estimated €250, mostly from lost milk production, or if the farmer incorrectly schedules a cow for insemination, it could result in an empty cow for that season and ultimately the loss of that cow to the herd.” A recent survey on heat detection practices in Ireland carried out by Teagasc together with Agrify Solutions indicate that 68% of Irish farmers depend on tail painting as a method for heat detection. Liam O’Keeffe says that “tail painting is the most reliable and proven method of heat detection when applied and managed correctly while also offers the most cost-effective approach.” Agrify Solutions recommend using a breeding protocol which involves the use of 4 colours resulting in improved & simpler heat detection and herd management, for more details visit

The Tailpainter proved to be extremely popular method of application of tail paint following its initial launch in Ireland during 2019. Since its initial launch, the Tailpainter has been tested in a number of international markets including New Zealand. The system will work with both oil and water-based paints. Liam says that “Water based paints are more environmentally friendly and easier to clean and manage in the dairy. Because the system is so quick and easy to use, farmers actively re-paint their herd leading improved heat detection. We are delighted with the feedback from our existing customers who are realizing real benefits including ease & speed of tail paint application resulting in improved heat detection and more compact calving.”

“I would have hated tail painting but now I find the job a lot easier. Now we tail paint 2 or 3 times a week. We are getting much better heat detection.” John Carroll, Ireland

“We have used the Tailpainter to tail paint 630 cows. We found it very efficient and very easy to use. It took us no extra time and saved us on a labour unit.”  Andrew Sillis, New Zealand

“The tail painter was just brilliant! I was able to paint the entire herd and still help with cupping and teat spraying and no extra staff were required. The cows were much more settled, and the painted strips were of good quality and easy to read.” Will Gribble, New Zealand

“The lads loved it, and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how little time it added on to milking.” George Wade, England

Agrify Solutions are relaunching the Tailpainter for the upcoming breeding season. The new version of the Tailpainter product has an improved and strengthened design based on feedback and learnings from the 2019 season. The new Tailpainter includes tougher plastic materials with more ergonomic design. Agrify Solutions Ltd will be offering two main skus for the 2020 season: a ‘one colour kit’ and a ‘two colour kit’ which will be available from both leading agri retailers this season and directly from As part of a promotion with GEA FIL, each Tailpainter is supplied with a 500ml Detail water-based paint, while supplies last. The Tailpainter is manufactured in Ireland, by Agrify Solutions, Ballydesmond, Co Cork, Ireland.

For media enquiries contact:  T: 0879960456; Agrify Solutions Ltd,

Note to editors:

  • For more information on Agrify Solutions Ltd go to
  • For more information on The Tailpainter to go
  • In summary, The Tailpainter allows for Faster, Easier and Safer tail-painting.
  • Also, The Tailpainter helps to
    • Reduce accident risk during tail-painting
    • Reduce labour during tail-painting€
    • Reduce the time spent on tail-painting
    • Increase heat detection accuracy, as paint is more easily visible
    • Reduce the risk of paint spills and messy work
    • Reduce the cost of effective heat detection
  • Popular tail paint products including GEA Fil or Flexmark attach directly to the Tailpainter applicator head.
  • Each Tailpainter is supplied with a 1L container and funnel adaptor which allows other tail-paint products to be easily used with The Tailpainter e.g. Dulux tail paint.
  • The Agrify team recommend that you use water-based tail-paint where possible for ease of use, simply wash The Tailpainter at the end of the season in a bucket of water and store it ready for use the following season. The Tailpainter can also be used with oil-based paint but a solvent such as white spirits will be required to clean the applicator head at the end of the AI season.
  • The Agrify team is also launching an upgrade kit for existing customers to upgrade to the latest design, for more details go to
  • For best results when using The Tailpainter
    • Apply tail-paint using The Tailpainter during milking preferably using a water-based tail-paint product
    • Top up the paint on the cows using The Tailpainter frequently, to achieve the best submission rates
    • Do not leave the Tailpainter unused for more than 7 days as the paint will begin to harden
    • If washing is required remove the roller and wash the roller and applicator head in water for water-based paint or in the appropriate solvent for oil-based paint.
    • For replacement parts contact us on

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