Silhouette of a farmer

“The Tailpainter was just brilliant! I was able to paint the entire herd and still help with cupping and teat spraying and no extra staff were required. The cows were much more settled and the painted stripes were of good quality and easy to read.”

— Will Gribble, New Zealand

“I used Tailpainter in 2019. I know the value of tailpainting. Keeping the paint touched up is the secret. The Tailpainter has been of immense value.”

— John Murphy, Ireland

Silhouette of a farmer

“The lads loved it, and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how little time it added onto the milking.”

— George Wade, England


“Extremely successful piece of equipment, very clean & efficient. No use of cattle crush required and is extremely safe. I would apply paint 2 to 3 times per week rather than once.”

— Eoin O’Sullivan, Ireland

“Absolutely brilliant. Very convenient easy work.”

— Michael Kennedy, Ireland

“We have used the Tailpainter to tail paint 630 cows. We found it very efficient and very easy to use. It took us no extra time and saved us on a labour unit.”

— Andrew Sillis, New Zealand

“I think it is piece of equipment that should be available in every milking parlour.”

— Paddy Landers, Ireland


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One tool, three configurations, the Tailpainter. Image shows the Tailpainter being used in the three configuration modes: Parlour, Crush, and Feed.