The New Tailpainter

We launched the first Tailpainter in 2019, and we have listened to the hundreds of farmers who bought and used the Tailpainter. We have made a number of improvements to the design that we are excited to share with you.

The Applicator head has been redesigned to make it easier than ever to attach paint. The patent-pending paint application technology remains the same, the connection to the paint bottle has been reinforced and is now made of solid plastic.
Ergonomic grip handle

We have also custom-designed a more ergonomic grip handle. While the original grip was key to your control over the paint roller, and we felt we could do a better design, and we have!

Both Bottle and refill container directly attach to the applicator.
Our original applicator had a separate adapter for connecting bottles, with a fine-thread connector to the refill attachment. We’ve done away with that in our new design: requiring just over two turns to fully secure the paint to the Applicator, it is now easier than ever to start tail painting.

Elbow connections are redesigned
The adjustable connectors have been redesigned to reduce the amount of play. We have also switched to a single-button connection to make changing colours easier than ever.

Cap integrated to refill bottle adapter
Each refill bottle now comes with a cap, allowing you easily store your refill bottle of paint ready for the next day’s use. (We still recommend emptying the refill bottle into an air-tight container if you will be storing paint long-term.)

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