Ballydesmond, Co Cork, Ireland. 

As we approach the primary breeding season for the dairy sector, Agrify Solutions Ltd are excited to add to their portfolio of innovative heat detection solutions by launching the Daisy Paint with Brush product range. This new product complements the existing Tailpainter product range by offering farmers a Fast, Easy & Safe way to paint directly from a bottle.“Many farmers prefer to paint directly from a bottle; we found existing products in the market were not able to apply a repeatable, consistant paint stripe with minimimal effort. We focus on ease of application and consistancy of application across our full product range allowing the farmer to spend time observing cows and not on strenuous tail painting. They key to improved heat detection and more compact calving is to ensure that paint application is easy and fast allowing for regular top of up of paint” says Liam O’Keeffe.

Effective heat detection practices, together with correct timing of AI and ensuring best practice in nutrition management, represents a significant increased profit opportunity for the Irish Farmer via improved milk production and improved calf value.

Agrify Solutions Ltd was formed in 2018, based in Ballydesmond Co Cork. Co-founder Liam O’Keeffe as a dairy farmer and AI tech realised that farmers who used tail paint effectively were the ones who were achieving the best calving intervals. Liam was acutely aware also of the work that goes into good tail painting practice. This awareness led to the invention of Tailpainter and Daisy Paint product ranges.

The Tailpainter range is now being adopted throughout New Zealand, and with trials ongoing in France, Brazil, Australia and the Nordics. “We are delighted with the feedback from our existing customers who are realizing real benefits including ease & speed of tail paint application” says Liam O’Keeffe. “The real trick here is to ensure that during the breeding season that the farmer quickly checks the paint quality before the cow leaves the parlour and if in doubt top up the paint - this routine removes any guessing from heat detection; the paint has to be in good condition at all times during the breeding season and therefore also allows for detection for so called non-cyclers i.e. any cows that are not ovulating. Farmers up to now were aware of the labour intensive job and what was very often a hazardous job associated with tail painting - the arrival of the Tailpainter changes all of this making it very feasibility and safe to paint as often as is required”.

Agrify Solutions Ltd last year launched this season a tail paint range, known as Daisy Paint, available in 4 colours. Liam explains, “we see a growing demand for high quality, water-based paint formulated for ease of use and with bright pigment for easy reading”. Daisy Paint, manufactured in Ireland, and the Tailpainter range are available from and from all leading agri retailers.

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