Tailpainter Helps Breeders In The French Market With Effective Heat Detection

The Tailpainter is a tool kit designed to help the breeder to implement a best practice of heat detection , for group inseminations, intended to consolidate the calving season in a period as concentrated as possible over 6 weeks. This launch is expected to revolutionize the beef industry by providing breeders with an efficient and effective solution to improving their 6-week calving ratio with less effort than before.

Group insemination is widely adopted in grass-fed regions such as Ireland, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, as it maximizes the production of milk as well as calves in the herd as each cow thus produces a calf and maximizes its milk production precisely over a 12-month cycle.

However, problems arise with breeders who do not master this 12 month cycle if effective heat detection practices are not implemented. The Tailpainter helps breeders get rid of imprecise heat detection and quickly identify non-cycling cows, those cows that do not ovulate.

By using Tailpainter, breeders can achieve genetic gain in their herd without additional work. By reducing or eliminating stud bulls and improving the dairy genetics and meat value of calves, breeders can see a real improvement in their margins while also significantly increasing the value of their herd. Tailpainter is designed to provide ease and speed in applying tail paint, so farmers can spend more time watching cows, improve heat detection and compress calving time.This eliminates the workload and risk of insecurity associated with the application of conventional tail paints, making it possible and safe to apply paint as frequently as necessary.With the Tailpainter insemination protocol, breeders can now improve their calving proportion over 6 weeks with less effort than before.

Agrify Solutions Ltd was founded in Ireland by Liam O'Keeffe, himself a dairy farmer and inseminator, who realized that farmers who used tail paint efficiently were those who achieved the best calving intervals. This realization led to the invention of Tailpainter. The company has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 2 years, with Tailpainter now being adopted across New Zealand and with ongoing trials in Brazil, Australia and Europe.

As well as the Tailpainter product, Agrify Solutions Ltd have also launched Daisy Paint, a range of tail paint available in 4 colours , a high quality water based paint formulated for ease of use and with gloss pigments for easy reading .

The launch of Tailpainter on the French market in partnership with Progenes and Paturevision is expected to have a significant impact on the French agricultural profession. By employing Tailpainter and following the Tailpainter insemination protocol, breeders can now achieve better calving intervals , getting rid of inaccurate heat sensing, identifying uncycled and maximizing milk production and of calves from their herd. This launch is the opportunity for a significantly increased profit for the French breeder through an efficient working practice. To conclude, the launch of Tailpainter on the French market in partnership with Progenes and Paturevision (05 64 21 12 61).

For more details, contact 06 32 66 85 96

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