Tailpainter launches in New Zealand during Field Days Online 2020

Agrify Solutions Ltd. launches its latest innovative product, called The Tailpainter in the New Zealand market as part of Field Days Online 2020. The use of the tail paint is the most trusted and widely used method of heat detection in the New Zealand dairy sector today. The secret for achieving high submission rates is in the regular use of tail paint during the breeding season combined with regular observation. The main challenge for farmers today, however, is the difficulty in regular application of tail paint due to the labor burden and safety risk involved in the application. The Tailpainter with its unique and patent-pending design addresses these issues providing the farmer with solution the allows for Faster, Easier & Safer tail painting. The Tailpainter was originally launched in Ireland dairy market in 2019 and has been extremely successful over 2 breeding seasons. In prepartion for the market launch, the Tailpainter was trialed in the New Zealand market in 2019 to determine the potential impact of using the tail painter for New Zealand farmers:
“We have used the Tailpainter to tail paint 630 cows. We found it very efficient and very easy to use. It took us no extra time and saved us on a labour unit.”  - Andrew Sillis,
“The tail painter was just brilliant! I was able to paint the entire herd and still help with cupping and teat spraying and no extra staff were required. The cows were much more settled, and the painted strips were of good quality and easy to read.” - Will Gribble
The Tailpainter which will be available in both a ‘one colour kit’ and a ‘two colour kit’ configurations will available to pre-order from July 17th with shipments in early September. New Zealand based customers will be able order directly from www.tailpainter.co.nz  as well as being available from a number of leading Agri retailers.   
For media retail enquiries please contact Fortis who will be acting as a distributor for The Tailpainter in New Zealand:
orders@fortisnz.co.nz  T: 03 683 1455
Additional Notes:
  • In summary, The Tailpainter allows for Faster, Easier and Safer tail-painting.
  • Also, The Tailpainter helps to
    • Reduce accident risk during tail-painting
    • Reduce labour during tail-painting
    • Reduce the time spent on tail-painting
    • Increase heat detection accuracy, as paint is more easily visible
    • Reduce the risk of paint spills and messy work
    • Reduce the cost of effective heat detection
  • Popular tail paint products including GEA attach directly to the Tailpainter applicator head.
  • Each Tailpainter is supplied with a 1L container which allows other tail-paint products to be easily used with The Tailpainter
  • We recommend that you use water-based tail paint where possible for ease of use, simply wash The Tailpainter before it dries out using water and ensure the roller is well dried before reusing. The Tailpainter can also be used with oil-based paint but a solvent such as white spirits will be required to clean the applicator head.
  • For best results when using The Tailpainter ensure the following steps are taken:
    • Ensure paint is mixed well, not that if the paint is not well mixed the performance of the Tailpainter will be impacted.
    • Check that the roller is in good condition, well washed and dried, if the roller is not in good condition, then replace with a new roller.
    • Ensure an adequate amount of paint is applied to the correct point of the cows tail.
    • Apply the paint regularly to maintain good quality paint strips at all times.
    • Regular visual observation needs to be adhered to at all times.
    • For more details on the Tailpainter breeding protocol, please visit https://tailpainter.co.nz/pages/breeding-protocol

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