Tailpainter Kits

Tailpainter Kits


      Tail painting should not be hard, it should be profitable! With the Tailpainter, you can paint 10 cows in 30 seconds while milking, correctly and accurately apply tail paint with no mess, and reduce missed heats by topping up regularly. Save over €100 per cow annually for average Irish dairy farmer!

      The Tailpainter can be configured to tail paint in three places:
      1. Parlour pit: eliminate the need to climb up on rails or have to work around an awkward gantry
      2. Feed barrier: keep a safe distance from your cow as you paint from behind
      3. Crush: paint beside your cow while she queues in the crush

      It can easily be reconfigured to any of these three modes. With the Two Colour Refill kit, you get a second applicator and refill bottle, allowing you to swap between two different colours with ease.

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